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Some links to my music!
I am a performer, composer, or both

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Become a Rehearsal Insider with Emili Losier and Julian Bertino Thursdays at 8:00pm Eastern Time

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Messy Desk with Mike Ibsen

Mike Ibsen and I had some fun catching up, listening to and discussing my music here:

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Dowland Praeludium 041522.jpg

Here's a lovely little prelude by John Dowland:

Dowland Praeludium

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Joseph Ehrenpreis
Performs Sunlight

Although Joseph Ehrenpreis is most known for performing on the 8-String Brahms guitar,  

he performed one of my miniatures for 6 string:

Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 7.07.19 PM.png

Mujō (Impermanence)

The Cowan Cicchillitti duo performed my piece for two guitars. Thanks to Sundar Subramanian who recorded it. Score video here:

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